Tuesday, 31 January 2017

First life drawing of the term!


Today my title sequence group came together to discuss what we wanted to do, after much deliberation we came to the conclusion that 'say yes, say no' brief option was a really interesting. The whole 'Ant-art' movement really grabbed my attention. I decided to look further into the movement, I found out that it was before surrealism and was big during the first world war, meaning that alot of the art was politically charged  and had alot of emotion behind it.

Monday, 30 January 2017

The Wild West!

Over last week we were given A LOT of different things to work on,

One of them was collecting a mood board with the theme of the 'Wild west'! when our lecturer mentioned it the first thing that popped into my head was 'Red dead redemption'.
Its a video game about, yy y y a a a a p .
you guessed it.
the wild west!

The different towns and the map I got this the game was the first thing I gravitated too, for the time the graphics were very stunning with interesting town layout.

                                         These are just a few photos I found of interest.

Seeing that the environment must be done in 3D, modeled, textured and rendered and it being my first time ever doing any of these things I dont think aiming to create a whole town would be smart on my part, however the imagery has given me a few ideas, Instead of a whole town I could make just one building and put a lot of time into that? perhaps I'll create a sandy environment with cactus and other shrubbery? or maybe try a horse cart?

huh yeh
a horse cart sounds kinda fun?

Well in any case I'm going to create a new pintrest list and keep an eye out for anything interesting!

Friday, 13 January 2017

Sudden inspiration!

So I was searching around on YouTube to find some new music when I stumbled on this animated music video!

The opening landscape panning shot is a really lovely establishing shot for both; The animation, the art style and the intro to the music. The interactivity with the finger zooming in and flicking to the next scene is a really nice touch. it brings this to the 21st century. The still images that lead on to the animation give us a nice pause for us to listen to the music, when a special lyric would rise the mouth/action is animated, not extremely smooth like 24 frames, but enough  frames to convey movement and be visually interesting.

I took inspiration from one of the frames and decided to re draw it with one of my characters!

this took a few days to draw, the looking up pose was really hard to figure out. a lot of shadow and foreshortening had to be included, overall I feel it was a good attempt but I need to work on my drawing foundations more so it looks less flat. something is off about it but i'm sure if i had more basic knowledge of the facial structure I would be able to fix it.
The colours were some experimental work, I like the tints and ombre effect on the outline, but I feel like need to practice more skin and clothes colouring.