Friday, 13 January 2017

Sudden inspiration!

So I was searching around on YouTube to find some new music when I stumbled on this animated music video!

The opening landscape panning shot is a really lovely establishing shot for both; The animation, the art style and the intro to the music. The interactivity with the finger zooming in and flicking to the next scene is a really nice touch. it brings this to the 21st century. The still images that lead on to the animation give us a nice pause for us to listen to the music, when a special lyric would rise the mouth/action is animated, not extremely smooth like 24 frames, but enough  frames to convey movement and be visually interesting.

I took inspiration from one of the frames and decided to re draw it with one of my characters!

this took a few days to draw, the looking up pose was really hard to figure out. a lot of shadow and foreshortening had to be included, overall I feel it was a good attempt but I need to work on my drawing foundations more so it looks less flat. something is off about it but i'm sure if i had more basic knowledge of the facial structure I would be able to fix it.
The colours were some experimental work, I like the tints and ombre effect on the outline, but I feel like need to practice more skin and clothes colouring.

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